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Re: Re: Re: Instructo swing/the ultimate batting tee

Posted by: Teacherman () on Wed Sep 29 12:19:50 2004

> I created this product to help hitters shorten their swings and hit top middle part of the ball. I have learned through time that this device needs to help hitters that want to drive to ball.The ultimate batting tee now has an angle adjustment design that helps create this .This expands this device for all hitters now.I am always open to improvements for this device.What's wrong with improving products to make them better ?The angle ajustment bar is avalable to purchase for people that bought the instructo swing prior to this improvement.Anyone that is interested in ordering the angle adjustment part ,Please call me at (513)616-3611 ERIK LASEKE

Nothing. What's wrong is telling everyone this product can help your swing when it can do nothing but hurt it. And then, realizing your mistake, and forcing the previous customers to BUY the adaptor.

Anyone with a sense of right and wrong would just give them to previous customers.


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