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Re: Re: Radial deviation and rotational hitting

Posted by: () on Tue Nov 14 07:19:24 2000


I too have the same question about radial
deviation as described by Emanski. I would describe
radial deviation for a rt handed hitter as follows.

Your left wrist would rotate backwards about 45 degrees.Your
hand wrist and forarm would be in a " > " shape. While holding
the bat your bottom hand would be closer to the catcher as would the knob of the bat. The head of the bat would be angled back at the pitcher. Emanski says that radial deviation helps prevent the head of the bat from casting out back toward the cather. He uses the fence drill to demonstrate this. He has the batter put his back foot against the fence, then hit normally. If done right the bat does not cast backwards and contact the fence.


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