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batting tee - cont

Posted by: () on Thu Oct 7 04:37:20 2004

HI scott,
The swing does start down , that bat levels off ,and the body tilt has to do in what reaction occurs.I would like to know what type of hitters you are defining?Where the pitch is ?I would also like you to talk about the swing on the pitch that is up in the strike zone.How do you approach this pitch, start your swing up or down?Have you ever seen a hitter chop down on a pitch that is up and the result is a hard line drive ?If so, explain why this occurs.Does it matter where the postion of the hands are held in relation to the approach of the swing?In my opinion this matters .Hands that start low have a tendency to approach the ball uppwards in certain pitch locations ,hitters that start their hand high must get the barrell down to the ball.Would you agree with this ?I played against Sammy sosa in A-ball,Sammy held his hands very much like julio franco.I noticed that Sammy had trouble with the low fast ball,since then he has made the change in where he starts his hands.I see how he gets to the low pitch now do you?I'm not disagreeing in how the swing sould be.I'm disagreeing in the comments that suggest this isn't possible to achieve the swing that produces getting the ball in the air by training with THE ULTIMATE BATTING TEE.Please define where the majority of hitters hands are postioned at start,and share with me what you find to be .I would love to have a copy of this so I to can evaluate the same data that you are presenting,and representing your self with. ERIK LASEKE


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