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batting tee - cont

Posted by: Teacherman () on Thu Oct 7 08:06:48 2004

> I can see you really haven't worked with this device by your answers and statements.If you have, these questions would have been answered in better context.I guess you are trying to talk about something that you really don't know anything about .I'm more interested in people that know the product and understand it.I'm not interested in someones opinion on something that holds no real value to my questions and answers .Please don't suppress things that you lack true understanding on.This could be seen as antisocioal behavior .

Telling me I don't know what I'm talking about and not addressing the issues I bring up shows you have no answers.......And, my profit accusation gets more relevance.

I'll simplify. Here's question #1.......If you can adjust the contraption to any settingyou want, what good is it. Apparently, I can swing however I want through any of the settings..............Not a formula for a good swing.


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