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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: out-tht

Posted by: William () on Mon Oct 11 08:00:52 2004

I am an avid Dodger fan, but I have to admit th truth: the Cardinals have out-top-hand -torqued the Dodgers the first two games. Jack, since you live in Southern California, surely you must be a Dodger fan. Can you PLEASE give the Dodgers a crash course in tht & circular hand path between now and Saturday? I don't want to be disappointed again. P.S. For anyone who would like a picture-perfect demonstration of classic top hand torque, there is a clip of Jeter hitting a homerun at one of the other sites (i think it's at Eteamz but I'm not for sure).
> > > > >
> > > > Hey give the Dodgers a break, evryone leaves their tht in the dugout once in a while.Besides that, only one team can win.If both teams execute Jack's principals, then the team with the better defense and pitching will win.And I think although jeter is using good tht, rotating arround a stationary axis, etc I think Bonds and Walker are better models.They do it all the time whereas Jeter himself has admitted that he frequently strays from the principals of tht,etc because he generally thinks that will get him a higher average.I think with Jack's principals you can get both average and power but Jeter is convinced that he can not.
> > > > > I'm not a Dodger fan but I do agree the first two games the Dodgers left their top hand torque in the dugout. How many times have the Dodgers come back this year by excercising sound rotational principles? By the way I did see the Jeter clip (it's not at Eteamz, it's at a non-mainstream site) and I agree it would be a perfect example of tht for young hitters to emulate. I thought Jeter's execution of bht was good as well, he stayed conncected and basically rotated around a stationary axis. Evertone should view this clip.
> > > Hahaha. I'm sorry but that's just hilarious. It's not something you'd read in the newspaper: CARDINALS SWEEP DODGERS IN PLAYOFFS-LACK OF TOP-HAND TORQUE. Then in the post-game conference Jim Tracy would say "Well we didn't have our top-hand torque with us tonight, they (Cardinals) clearly did and it's the reason why we weren't hitting." Haha! Maybe the reason why the Cardinals just lost was because they didn't have their stationary axis with them. It just sounds funny! Haha, hope the Red Sox come out torquin', cause I'm sick of the Yankees!
> >
> > I take it you don't believe in top hand torque.That's ok, there are still some people who still think the earth is flat.
> I never said that I didn't believe in THT, read some of my old posts. I'm trying to learn THT myself. It just sounds funny to blame a whole team's hitting on lack of THT for that game. How can you tell by watching their swings from the CF camera angle in real time? They only replay a few swings throughout the game, and most Major Leaguers probably haven't heard of THT either.
> I'm wasn't trying to make fun of anyone either. But if I was to start this conversation with my college coach, he'd be giving me some strange looks.

Just tell him who IS talking about tht, like major league scouts and major league hitters. Of course the best case to make is to you yourself apply Jack's principles and pretty soon all of your teammates will be asking you to teach them! Good luck!


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