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Re: golf definitions

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatSpeed@aol.com) on Sun Oct 17 18:35:30 2004

>>> spin out

usually thought of as the leading side of the body (left side for a right-handed player), especially the pelvic girdle, turning too early in the sequence of the swing (many times before the weight has been transferred to the front foot) Example: Lots of different results could be caused by a spin out, but they'll almost never be good. <<<

Hi Tom

I am sure those are sound terms for the golf swing. However, the drawing and descriptions of noted authors regarding “spinning” in the baseball swing are quite different. They illustrated the correct axis of body rotation to be around the lead-side. The lead-side remains posted and the back-side rotates around it (back to center). Batters who rotated around the center of the body (the spine) were said to be “spinning” – which, in their mind, could never produce good results.

Jack Mankin


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