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Help In Rebuilding Back My Correct Swing

Posted by: Tony (tschwartz@ups.edu) on Fri Oct 22 15:45:19 2004

Hello and Thank You for Viewing My Post:

Up until the summer, I had a really nice rotational swing, but my summer coach taught a linear style mechanics hitting that really only worked for no one. I tried to avoid them, but he always observed me, especially after I game that I went 0-fer but becuase of nice catches or frozen ropes right at people. Anyways, I had a miserable summer and fall seasons trying to adjust back to what I had worked so hard for. Now I am asking for anyone's help to give me some drills to get back on track, help provide some confidence so I can make the varsity college baseball team. I live for this game, and it's been a long struggle, but I can see the light and I know there are people that want to help me. As much as I would like to get Jack's video, I just can't afford it right now with my private college fees and what not. So if anyone could help me with some drills to get that perfect rotational swing back, I... you don't even know how much it would mean to me. I can't thank you enough.

Thank you, and good luck to you all over the winter, let's all work hard and have summer's of the lifetime.


Believe! Go Red Sox!


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