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Re: Re: The Pro Example

Posted by: grc () on Fri Nov 24 18:06:38 2000

Contrary to popular belief you made your point quite clearly and I think it has a great deal of validity. While we should all strive to teach the basic mechanics of the swing in a consistent an easily understood manner, using pro's as models sometimes adds confusion. I agree the quirks and nuances many pro players employ are perhaps over-analyzed in the search for the secret for the perfect swing when in fact they may be just elements of their comfort zone. What may appear to be bad habits, a professional can get away with due to quickness and intuition that escapes us mere mortals. Michael Jordan did not quit because he could not hit the ball. He realized that after so many years away from the game the enormity of the learning curve to play at that level and at his age it was a price he chose not to pay. He quit from respect not inability. I submit this only after reading the post from Joe A. and finding it interesting that it was interpreted differently by others, which of course is what makes the world so fascinating. freddy....i would be very disappointed in myself if Joe A were to leave this board in frustration due to misinterpretation of his remarks.....i see Joe A as someone who is reaching out to experts for advice & i know there are many at this site who would be eager to help Joe A.....so....i'll sum up my interpretation of what Joe A's argument is, and please, Joe A or anyone, correct me if i'm wrong in my interpretation.....i think Joe A is saying that pros do not make good models because from one pro player to the next they have different techniques.....not only do techniques vary from one player to the next, but in some cases they use techniques that a good hitting coach would never teach his players.....Joe A seems to be saying that some of these pros succeed in spite of their flaws due to superior athletic talent.......Joe A also seems to question which pro to model yourself after if each pro has different techniques...........is this a fair representation of Joe A's argument?...........respectfully, grc.........


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