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Re: Re: Cards vs top hand torque

Posted by: Dave A (oxagin@hotmail.com) on Thu Oct 28 17:50:20 2004

I guess the Red Sox proved once and for all that tht & other rotational principles is the way to win! Did Pujols or Rolen demonstrate rotational principles? Not hardly! Thanks a lot Jack for providing the inspiration to the Red Sox, but I really wish you and your rotational principles would inspire the Cubs next year!
> What I can't figure out is how players forget about THT from one at bat to the next.

Pujols is the second best hitter in baseball. I don't think he forgot his top hand torque or left it in the locker room. Sometimes hitters do get out no matter how good they are. Your statement was absurd, Pujols has one of the best swings in baseball and of course Rolen is rotational or else he wouldn't hit so many home runs and be a middle of the order bat in the big leagues.


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