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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Pro Example

Posted by: HoffmanLa () on Sat Nov 25 19:36:23 2000

To all

Perhaps some aspect of the original post has been poorly comprehended.

I guess I will stand on the following, for whatever it matters to anyone:

I would support the emulation of an amateur swing that employs rotation, torque, a slight uspwing and unbroken wrists at contact over copying the swing of the higest-paid professional who relies on weight shift, whip-cracking, swinging down and throwing knobs, handles or whatever. Just so happens a great many of those desirable swings happen to be on television, although you can find them elsewhere.

I am also sure that there is wisdom in the original message. It would certainly be a bad idea to copy the swings of certain professionals. However, I must politely disagree with the assertion that it is a bad idea to emulate the the swings of the good ones.



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