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Re: Back leg rotation

Posted by: Bill () on Thu Nov 30 10:19:19 2000

Last spring I saw some pictures of pro hitters rotating on there toe so I changed my swing to do this. I had been a very good hitter before then. When I started to do this I had no weight control and my bat was slower. I had an ok spring for my HS team but not the one I had hoped for. After that I played in a summer league and I was terrible. I got some instruction and I started just "Squashing the bug" but I really got my hips into it. When I did that I was hammering the ball too all field. I even got the attention of some colleges. Not all pro hitters hit off of their toe. They just take photos of hitters at that point when it happens accidentally. Do not try to hit of your toe. It will mess you up.

To everyone
> Okay, on to other things.
> I am soliciting opinions on the nature of back leg rotation.
> Let's forget smashing insects for a minute.
> Why is it that all the great hitters use a rotation that brings the back foot up on its point? I just don't see folks on the ball of the foot until the follow through; at contact, and sometimes before, they are up on the toe.
> My thought: just sliding it around on the ball tends to lean the posture back to far, hanging back with the spine angle. Those great hitters have a spine angle that does not collapse. The hips and shoulders do not go backward as the hands go out and around. It stays where it was after the stride or prep movement took place.
> It is tough, though. It takes a great deal of strength to do this as they do it. And a hard-soled shoe. Anyone ever try it in a soft shoe such as turf cleats, or those used for indoor hitting? Can't do it. Maybe this is an important practice tip.
> What do you all think? Do you see the same things I see?
> HoffmanLa


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