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Re: Re: The Pro Example

Posted by: Joe A. () on Thu Nov 30 11:39:21 2000

> The reason I use pros as a model is precisely because nobody yet has defined the "correct" mechanics. That is a pipe-dream, the correct mechanics are in significant debate.
> I take the approach that if only 25% of hitters do something in a particular way--it's probably not an absolute unless those happen to also be the best hitters.

> If 75% do something--it's starting to be an absolute. I would never take an odd movement and apply it to my training without seeing it in widespread use and understanding the basis for it.
T. Olsen

Thank you for your thoughts.

Applying my orginal point to your comments-- remember that the pros are at level unto themselves. While they are not all on the same level they are of similar level far above everyone else.

They have the speed strength and skill to do things that others can't. While its unlikly, they may ALL do some movement or mechanic it still may not be applicable to teaching that mass of students.

It may work for those at the highest level but not a good idea for everyone else.

Joe A.


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