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Re: Re: Re: inside pitch kickin' my butt

Posted by: george stanley (saint_george13@yahoo.com) on Wed Apr 30 14:41:27 2008

> Hi; my son is a 9 years old pitcher at a 10 & under baseball league.
> He have a very good control and strike out a lot of players. About 1 or two base by ball per game and throws only fast ball with good location on the corners. Now comes my question: He is a side arm trhower, I will said 3/4 . Do He has to fix, and if yes , how? He nevers complaints about any pain or disconfort in the arm. Some people said that He will never be a good baseball player at any position if He don't change. He loves basebal and I love Him . How can I help my son. Thanks for your attention. Lazaro, Miami Florida

hello lazaro!

your son is so far away from where he is going to end up that it is a virtual certainty that there is no way to tell what will happen..
you are putting way too much attention & concern into what he is doing.. when he is 18 years old, you will barely remember what all the concern was about. let the kid do what he wants.. at some point he might become so good it will not matter HOW he throws the ball..
or he will become so hittable that he must change his entire mindset & start over.. either way, it will work out.. so many people will give you and him advice on how to throw, bat, run, catch, that it will all become a blur. come back in 10 years when your son is at a point where he is begins to understand what it takes to become a top flight ballplayer... all that energy you will expend trying to get him to MLB when he is 9 years old is a waste of time.
let the kid enjoy himself.. up to a certain point concerning the fundamentals, the less coaching he gets, the better off he will be, if only because he will not be overloaded to the point that he becomes so confused there will be no hope for him to excel, let alone have some fun on the field.

best of luck to you and yours.


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