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Re: Foul Balls

Posted by: george stanley (saint_george13@yahoo.com) on Wed Apr 30 15:33:34 2008

> okay so im 13 and this is my first full season on the big field. I have gotten a lot stronger since my little league days. I play on two teams. I am constantly ripping the ball, but its foul. I dont mean just like once or twice a game. I mean everytime i hit the ball its foul. I have usually been a pull hitter but this is crazy. I use a 32/29.

hello shawn!!

the most important factors in being a good hitter are the stance and the swing.. if you are putting the bat on the ball with consistency, then i would say the swing is in good working order.. so the stance will be the factor which controls where the ball is going.
without actually seeing your stance, i can only use logic to come to conclusions about why the ball is going foul all the time..
my #1 guess is that you have an open stance, much like jim thome, where in when you draw a line from heel to heel, that line is pointed at the 3B man, or an ares between the SS & 3B man.. for a RH)
is that is so, then i would recommend you close your stance.. put your front heel on the same line as your back toe.. that line should be pointed at the middle of the pitching rubber.. from the mound the pitcher should be able to see both of your numbers.. get close enough to the plate so that with your lead hand on the bat handle you can touch the ground about 2" on the far side of the black edge of the plate. also have the front edge of your lead foot even with the front edge of the plate.. if you are too far off the plate or too far back in the box, these factors will contribute to your getting around too soon & pulling the ball foul..
SAFETY FIRST! YOUR HANDS SHOULD NOT BE VISIBLE TO THE PITCHER! TO DO SO IS TO RISK LOSING YOUR SEASON ON THE NEXT PITCH!! hold your hands up as high as comfortably possible (about eye-high) & as far back as comfortably possible, so that your lead shoulder hides your hands from the pitcher.. from that position if an inside pitch buzzes you, you can easily turn back away from the pitch.. when you have an open stance with your lead foot pointed at the 3B man, your torso is facing the pitcher.. since you are faced at the pitch,it is much more difficult to turn back away to dodge the ball.. that is why so many MLB hitters freeze up & get whacked on the hands.. some overpaid moron has already broken a finger this year.. can't recall who it is off hand, but near-misses happen with mind numbing regularity.. last year lyle overbay, vlad, adam everett all got hit in the hand.. PROTECT YOURSELF by having a closed stance with your lead shoulder hiding your hands..

best of luck to you!


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