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Joe, Joe Joe

Posted by: T Olson () on Wed Dec 6 17:02:13 2000

Joe, you once again have embarassed yourself. Let's do a manual recount. On the one hand you advocate an upswing by dropping the hands. Then you say most players swing down on the ball.

The swing is an arc.

What you are advocating is how 7-year-old players initiate an uppercut swing-by dropping the hands (and the rear shoulder) and swinging up.

There are two possible explanations for you Joe:

--You are baiting people on purpose by saying stupid things you know are untrue.

--Or you really are the dumbell you appear to be.

You know, I really don't mind uninformed people. But the worst are those who don't have a clue how uninformed they are and even think they are experts and know more than just about anyone else. That's just plain pathetic.

You have been rude, obnoxious, and a pest. I for one, don't plan to treat you any better than I would Chad from now on.

In short, I plan on ignoring you--if enough follow suit--you will go away.


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