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Re: Flightpath

Posted by: Madmax () on Thu Dec 7 08:50:45 2000

> Maybe this has been discussed before on your site, but I have been discussing this with some people on another site. It's in regard to the flightpath of the barrel of the bat, in relationship to the angle of the incoming ball.
> I am of the belief that the barrel should be "inline" with the angle of the ball (ball moving downward at approx. 11 degrees; bat moving upward at approx. 11 degrees) just before and at contact. The more the bat strays from this "inline" approach (up or down; moving "across" the ball's flightpath), the more precision required.
> What are your thoughts on this? Anyone else feel free to comment as well.

In a way I agree with you. The make better contact you should be inline with the flight of the ball. But what about power, according to a Home Run simulator, if you bat speed is 90MPH, with no wind, and the ball comes off the bat around 11 degrees the ball will only go about 130 feet . So how does McGwire hit high 450 foot homers?


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