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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Tom.Guerry, Jack...Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: () on Thu Dec 7 12:16:53 2000

The following thread bears on the "pull everything" issue as well as the circular handpath and mechanics for different locations.There is a general discussion of the baseball vs softball swing,but see especially the second of Mike Epstein's two posts.


Mike Epstein points out the importance of maintaining the circular handpath and staying inside the ball.Trying to pull the ball can result in prextension/barring/casting,etc and is a serious flaw.Mike has had succcess with adjusting for the outside pitch by delaying launch,but admits this gives less power and a lower trajectory.What Mac and others have recently mastered are mechanics for the outside pitch that maintain batspeed and lift without losing the circular handpath.I have not seen anyone other than Jack explain this satisfactorily.I think of Edgar Martinez as a master of the more "old school"(take outside pitch deeper to opposite field) mechanics and he still manages to do pretty well.


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