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Re: complicated

Posted by: Rollinstone (bstone206@aol.com) on Fri Dec 10 14:43:28 2004

Why does all this have to be so complicated and technical and confusing down to the minute detail and fraction of an inch. The more i try visualize what is being "said" on the board the more I don't understand. Watching the phases of the swing demonstrating the Bonds swing is much clearer to me. Coaching technique is not unique to me as I have done it in high school sports for 33 years, expecially track and field events. There is no way my DD who is a good rotational hitter in college would be able to translate any thing on the board into something she could hang on to and help her swing unless it was THT and that is a maybe. She tried one day and said, too hard to understand. Frustrated in Texas, Stone Wellllllllll we went to the field to test the THT "thumb to the shoulder trick and concentrate on the top hand and bat speed picked up, elbow slamed into the power position, was able to hit inside pitch much better without foul balls, palm up/palm down occured naturally. Now all i said was, "touch the thumb to your shoulder at the start of the swing and use the top hand to get the bat faster." sooner. It was easy and she had to change very little and couldn't believe how much more bat speed she was getting without more effort. Good job Ya'll. Rs


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