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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Cue for Top Hand Torque

Posted by: Guy () on Mon Dec 13 17:07:30 2004

Hi Henry & ??
> We can continue to discuss your questions, but first I need to clarify a point with all three of you. You have finished your pre-launch movements. The bat is in the swing plane. You have pulled your back-elbow back toward the third base dugout (right handed batter). The elbow is beginning to lower. The shoulders are just starting to rotate. How far is your top-hand from your shoulder?
> Please take a bat assume this launch position and tell me the distance.
> Note: If you are from Setpro, how far from your shoulder is your top-hand once you have fully loaded the scap?
> Jack Mankin

About 6"-9" if you are a good major league hitter.


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