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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Mike Epstein's credibility

Posted by: dwayne () on Fri Dec 8 09:38:45 2000

> >after what some charley lau jr imposter did at hitting.com i too am concerned about the true identity of anyone claiming to be a prominent hitting instructor or ex-major leaguer....having said that, if mike epstein is good enough for tom.guerry, then he's good enough for me....my only concern is if epstein reguritates what ferolli says, because in my view, ferolli has ZERO credibility....he may have williams' "blessing " but some of the bizarre things that ferolli has said undermines his credibility.....i say epstein, yes, ferolli, no, paul, jack & tom yes, lau jr (or imposter), no......respectfully, grc....

Up until now I have always felt kind of sorry for you when people
directed nasty comments your way. Now I completely understand.
You are a fruit loop.
not so respectfully,


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