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Re: integrity

Posted by: Madmax () on Fri Dec 8 19:50:49 2000

to ALL,
> recent postings by persons signaturing posts as charlie lau jr. and as mike epstein, have caused certain forum members to question their true identity. i believe that these recent posts and subsequent bantering by forum members has reached a point (at least for me) where i now question the integrity of the hosting forums. serious questions have been raised in my mind:
> are these people who they purport to be?

I don't know who Epstein is, but Jack has some information and TESTS about this swing. The proof that the swing works is, well, the better pro hitters use the swing, I'm starting to use the swing and have noticed it to be more comfortable and an increase in batspeed. That's for this site anyway
I'm glad that your asking these questions, a lot of sites are phoneys and you should be careful who you talk to. Some people get paid just to say things, others want ot help. Jack however hasn't given out commercials or manuals or machines, or batting cages and anything else that costs $300. He just gives a video, obvously he isn't greedy, and never bugs us to get the video.
As for Mike and others if you don't trust them, ask for proof of there points, or just ignore them. Or try out their ideas!
> are they mere jokesters?
> or salesmen?
> could they be crowd plants?
> or saboteurs?
> some will call me an alarmist, but i NOW find myself questioning the integrity of each and every person who posts, and that should not be happening.
> what to do? perhaps no one will agree, but i think it is time that all three forum hosts (dave,jack, and paul) address this situation.
> ray porco


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