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Re: Hitting the outside pitch

Posted by: ray porco () on Sat Dec 9 05:53:56 2000

I think now may be a good time to bring the discussion back to what the board was designed to accomplish - "A frank and open-minded discussion of the baseball/softball swing." It seems clear to me that discussing personalities can make little advancement to our understanding of the swing.
> So, I will ask a question about a batting principle that has bothered me for some time. -- Why is hitting the "inside of the ball" called GOOD while hitting the "outside of the ball" is Taboo?
> I am thinking of adding an article to my "Truism or Fallacy" list on the subject of hitting the outside pitch. Your input would be most helpful.
> Jack Mankin


i can't see how anybody could consider hitting the outside of the ball - "taboo", BUT for those that do:

two questions,

aren't all hitters striving to hit the ball to ALL fields?

how can a hitter (RH) hit a ball to left if he DOESN'T hit the
outside of the ball???

ray porco


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