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Re: Canadian video

Posted by: Bill () on Sat Dec 9 05:57:40 2000

Why don't you go to indorr batting cages? I live in CT and in the winter that is what I do.

Jack, I can't get the video, meaning I don't know how to tell if I'm using Torgue and Rotation properly, I can't tell. Right know (10:50 ET) there is about a foot of snow outside, I don't have enough space inside the house to swing. All I have are a couple mirrors which I am currently have speed swinging in front of with a small Collector Series baseball bat, making sure that my swing looks like it does in the Swing Mechanics section. Any suggestions? Am I just unlucky, cause I don't want snow or tax laws to ruin my dream of playing in the Majors,
> 'nother question, Jack, I know you don't have any research on throwing, but have you started anything, or plan to do something on throwing? Do you know someone else who has secret research (maybe TORQUE and ROTATION are used in throwing or something)? Anyone else know any GOOD SCIENTIFIC PROOF SITES?


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