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Flightpath revisited

Posted by: Curt () on Tue Dec 12 10:52:31 2000

There has been much discussion on Jack's post about the value of hitting the "inside" or "outside" of the ball. Others of us have discussed the value of hitting the top, center, or bottom half of the ball on my previous post. Yet, I still haven't gotten the advice or answers about my "flightpath" question.

Regardless of where you actually strike the ball (inside, outside, top half, bottom half, center, whatever!!), is the optimal flightpath of the bat, in relationship to the ball, going to be in the same swing plane? Should it vary up or down a few degrees, depending on the desired result you want to get? (groundballs, line drives, or flyballs) I'm going to assume we are talking about the best chance to reach base safely, the line drive.

Wouldn't the farther you stray from the "inline" flightpath, the more precision that would be required?

Appreciate any and all comments.



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