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Re: Re: Hitting the outside pitch

Posted by: Joe A. () on Tue Dec 12 16:40:34 2000

>>> I think now may be a good time to bring the discussion back to what the board was designed to accomplish - "A frank and open-minded discussion of the baseball/softball swing." It seems clear to me that discussing personalities can make little advancement to our understanding of the swing.
> >
> > So, I will ask a question about a batting principle that has bothered me for some time. -- Why is hitting the "inside of the ball" called GOOD while hitting the "outside of the ball" is Taboo?
> >
> > I am thinking of adding an article to my "Truism or Fallacy" list on the subject of hitting the outside pitch. Your input would be most helpful.
> >
> > Jack Mankin
> Hi All
> Well, I must say that I am somewhat surprised. A consensus of the posts seem to say that hitting the "outside" of the ball is equally as good as hitting the "inside" of the ball. --- Is this also true for hitting the outside pitch? Should we teach pulling the outside pitch as well as going to the opposite field? Is going the other way preferable to pulling the outside pitch -- if so - why?
> Jack Mankin
> Jack,

A joke between baseball scouts:

A scouts points to a guy pumping gas at the local gas station and says "That guy got where he is by trying to pull the outside pitch."
Joe A.


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