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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Conservation of Momentum

Posted by: Dave (cdpaetkau@telus.net) on Thu Feb 3 21:59:56 2005

> I do have a problem with any whip theory that leads a batter to believe that there is a “crack of the whip” effect that accelerates the bat from shifting weight to a blocked front leg and extending the hands (or knob) in a straight line at the ball. Coaches that bought into that theory keep generations of batters from reaching their potential.
> Jack Mankin
Hi Jack

I am not seeing the same sequence as you because when the forward momentum of the hips stop against the front leg the hands are already past the launch position. The point that the forward momentum stops is on heel drop not toe touch. I just watched Bonds, chipper, and Sosa and they were already starting forward arm motion before heel touch and they were all about at the back shoulder.

I do not think anyone said to extend the knob to the ball either.

I will post this at the other post also.



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