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Re: Re: Re: Tom.Guerry, Jack...Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Thu Dec 14 01:38:02 2000

Hi Tom

Tom you have been placing post on this site for over a year now covering a wide range of topics. But we (you and I) have had very little ‘back and forth” discussions on those topics. I have often wondered if you had noticed that I seldom reply to your observations and writings. The problem is that once you have stated your position on a swing mechanic, I have found little that I could add to or disagree with.

So, the other day, you mentioned in one of your post that you were having trouble with applying top-hand-torque on an outside pitch. You indicated that you were applying torque and allowing the hands to start casting while delaying shoulder rotation so as to develop a wider hand-path. You went on to say that the results left much to be desired. --- I thought, AH HAW, here is my chance to teach Tom a mechanical principle he is not aware of. I wrote three great paragraphs defining the correct method of applying torque on outside pitches that did not require the batter to initiate the swing in two stages - one for torque, one for rotation.

I brought up the site to make my post and what did I find?? --- You somehow had read my mind and beat me to the punch (linear) with the below post.

>>>I have not studied video to the extent Jack has, but what he observes and explains fits with my experience and with underlying physical/mechanical principles. What a finely tuned master swing like Big Mac's shows is complete plate coverage with power and most hits going to left center or left. The hypothesis that seems reasonable is that he does not adjust for the away pitch by delaying shoulder turn, rather he accentuates top hand torque. This gets the bat head out sooner creating more energy transfer from the torso turn which slows torso turn resulting in excellent batspeed and good plate coverage/contact by a combo of less shoulder turn/more "L" out of elbow, and hitting to the pull side with elevation. Delaying shoulder turn or widening the handpath are both suboptimal mechanics as compared to Mac's. This approach allows the hands to control the fine adjustment of the swing and a minimization of the variability of motor programs the brain needs to match a given pitch. A situation is created that improves batspeed and reaction time, swing timing and power. These optimal biomechanic solutions have a pattern of optimizing multiple facets together.

It also makes sense that, as Jack notes, that the swing be initiated properly at launch, defined as when the torso turns forward (when the hands start forward IF there is good connection). While subsequent adjustments have limited impact, the timing of when the hands torque the bathead out can have a significant effect on the ultimate shape and timing of the swing-Tophand torque for the away pitch, bottomhand torque for the middle in pitch. Tom <<<

I was going to respond to todays topic but this one ran a little to long. So I will give you my thoughts tomorrow.

Jack Mankin


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