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Posted by: Chuck () on Thu Dec 14 10:50:21 2000

Thanks for the reply. Here is what I have noticed in my limited time applying some of Jack's priciples. I have only begun, but in a week I am definitely swinging faster with greater ease.

First, in regard to wrist snap, I used to snap my wrists with my arms extended in front of me. The bat felt like a whip. Now, I still snap my wrists, but I do so while maintaining a circular hand path.
Jack refers this hand snap as bottom hand torque but I think it is the similar. The difference now rather than before, is that with a circilar hand path I can apply the torque (or wrist snap) anywhere in my swing because I now do not have to wait until my hands get out in front of me.

In fact, while dry swinging, I have noticed that my bat speed is greater when I apply the torque earlier in my swing (simulating hitting an outside pitch or middle of the plate). By far, I now have more power earlier in my swing. I have actually had my "stroke maxxer" up to 95 mph early in my swing where, with my old method, it was at 80 mph tops.

I seem to get more speed by keeping my hands very loose and accelerating the bat head with torque just before simulated contact. However, I am new to this and a constant torque may be preferred. Then again, I play slow pitch, and can afford keeping the bat head out of the hitting zone a split second longer.

However, when I simulate hitting an inside pitch using rotational theory, I actually seem to lose batspeed. The meter registers at about 80-85 because my hands start to get out in front and my bat slows done. Bear in mind that I play slow pitch softball and I usually hit an inside pitch with my hands exrended in front of me (maybe this should be remedied?)

Anyway, in a nut shell, I now have much more power hitting to the middle of the field and the opposite field, but I am not sure that I have made significant gains down the left field line.

  • Re: Tom  [ Thu Dec 14 12:17:47 2000 ]

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