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Posted by: grc () on Thu Dec 14 18:40:41 2000

rql....i know we have covered this from different angles, but if you will bear with me i would like your thoughts on the following.......as you know my son throws right/hits left & consequently has a tendency to be "linear"...that is, he draws in his hands/arms too much....so on an inside pitch, for example he will have a tendency to contact the ball too close to home plate, whereas if he had the ideal circular hand path he would contact the ball about 6 inches farther out in front of home plate................
>my question is this: suppose he were to practice 1000's of swings off tee/soft toss, making sure, of course that contact point was well out in front of plate......would you see this as a potential cure?......in other words, do you think that the linear swing is causing him to contact to close to the plate.....OR....could it be that it is the other way around, that him, for whatever reason having always contacted the inside pitch too close too the plate has resulted in the linear swing?......i hope my question makes sense.....respectfully, grc........


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