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Holding the bat..

Posted by: Stephanie (esezmarquez@aol.com) on Fri Feb 25 15:03:48 2005

I'm hoping somebody out there can help me with this. My husband played baseball in highschool and continues to play fast-pitch softball. We have an 11 year old son who plays AAU baseball. My question is this. My husband learned at an early age to hold the bat, with his knuckles lined up, but with his fingers inter-twined (similar to a golf swing). He makes great contact with the ball and he's taught our son to hold the bat the same way. Now, my son's coach is continually trying to undo the way my son holds the bat. When my son hits holding the bat with the golf swing, he makes great contact every time. When he goes to holding the bat the other way, he's late on his swing. This issue is causing great concern between my husband and my son's coach (who happen to be cousins). Please tell me if there really is a "right way" to hold the baseball bat.


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