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Re: Fear of getting Hit

Posted by: Tom (mentzert@hotmail.com) on Wed May 21 20:41:01 2008

I agree with John, acknowledge the fear. I had a fellow on my team for a few years that had great power, but he also shuffled his feet. Of course he also stepped out with is front foot. We tried everything, 2x4, buckets, we put on helmets and held his feet. Again it wasn't one thing that led to him doing this he's done it since he started kid pitch. Have you tried putting him on one side of a chain link fence and throwing the ball into the other side of the fence? I use this to teach my younger and inexperienced kids how to properly turn away from the ball. Honestly at 13 that is a very hard thing to break as it is more psychological then physical and the kids keep throwing harder every year.



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