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Re: Does back foot matter?

Posted by: Bill () on Sat Dec 16 06:17:50 2000

Do not try to rotate on your back toe. Do it on the balls of your back foot. When I experimented with hitting on my back tip I started pulling everythin and missing the outside pitch. Now that I changed back I am a complete hitter. MLB players just get so much into their swing sometimes it happens. Look at Mike Piazza's swing 4 out of 5 homeruns is and the balls of his back foot not the tip.

do you rerally need to do anything with your back foot? it seems like all the major leaguers are on thier tip toe if thier back foot when thye swing and some have it in the air. cal ripken just kinda collapses it. do you just not worry about your back foot and worry about what you with your thigh and calf? just wondering.


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