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Re: Re: TOO Much, is enough.

Posted by: Rich (Holland608@cs.com) on Wed Mar 9 18:35:18 2005

> > To Whom,
> >
> > For a long time I have listened to people say that "hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports." This is an inaccurate statement and even with its simple mindedness I usually let it pass with out comment. I know that most people who don't look past the statement's obvious lack of logic will not want to hear why their time honored beleifs are WRONG!!!!!
> >
> > As I said, I usually let the comment pass. But, recently someone on this site said that if you went to Ted Williams' site you could read his book about hitting. I thought "what the hell" let me take a peek. What did I find on the first page of the book? The same idiocy about hitting being the hardest thing is sports. Damn. Even the great Ted Williams can be wrong.
> >
> > Well, too much is enough. Its time to set it straight and what better place to do it then where some of the most of the people who come here would beleive this stuff without question.
> >
> > The "logic" is that a 300 hitter fails 7 out of ten times. And, that while 300+ hitters are the top hitters in their game, that this rate of failure would get players in other sports kicked out of the league. Therefore, hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports.
> >
> > Now for reality. Try to keep up now. Batting average does not measure the success in hitting the ball. It measures the success of getting a hit. HELLO! There is a difference between getting a hit and hitting the ball.
> >
> > There are many, many more hit balls than there are hits. Did you ever notice those 8 guys out there? Why do you think they are there? Huh? Why?
> >
> > Some time the hardest hit balls are outs. And some of the weakest hit balls,like bunts, are hits. If you counted every time a ball is hit in fair territory as a hit, the combined batting average would be way over 700, probably 800. (One of you number geeks can figure that out) By this calculation hitting a baseball is one of the easiest thing in sports to do.
> >
> > So, now you know the truth. Think about it. It will sink in after a while. Sorry I had to burst your little bubble but too much is enough.
> >
> > If you have any questions I will answer them if they are not stupid.
> >
> > Joe A.
> hey xxxxxxx then i guess the hardest thing is to GET a hit stop worrying about it so much i cant believe you let that bother so much

Hey Casey/Joe A.

Let's see what's more difficult than hitting a round ball with a round bat??? and by your calculations being 80% successful...

How about basketball? 50% make rate, no because they are able to release it 99% of the time... baseball harder

How about race car driving? win a couple races a season, no because they all can drive around the track 95% of the time... baseball harder

How about football? running/100yds and passing/300yds? no because they can run with it every time they get it handed to them and they can pass every time they want to throw. let's say 95% baseball harder

How about tennis? winning a point? no because most players can return the serve... aces are uncomon. 90% success rate baseball harder.

Gee... i'm having a hard time thinking of anything harder than baseball. other than staying married to the same woman for more than 10 years.

I guess i'm stupid... but that's OK because i'm extremely HAPPY!!!!!

Regards, Rich


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