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Re: Re: Jack! Please Answer!

Posted by: coachmark (mm@tulsasilverhawks.com) on Thu Mar 17 08:20:04 2005

Although I have found most of BHL's post to be obnoxious I would like to hear a little bit about your answers. The reason I would like to know so we can learn more of the different teachings of the same swing mechanics. I am trying to learn more about rotational hitting and have purchased your dvd, which my son has watched twice now (just received it this week) and is working hard to learn.

Knowing there are all type out there spewing out different instruction it is good to hear what comparisions and contrast there are from the guru's like yourself. Although I suspect BHL as trying to pit you guys against each other or at least trying to be clever and debate you, I look to learn the difference and what I can take away from these answers.

Right now my biggest concern with my son is first lower body so this will help and 2nd is his lead arm. So if you can please at least describe your thoughts on the lower body here.




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