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feedback on PFO

Posted by: Jim C. (jhconklinjr@comcast.net) on Sun Mar 20 07:40:48 2005


We exchanged some posts in the past. At the end, I, a small guy who thrived on the opposite field (gap shots and cans-of-corn), mentioned to you that I would try out your orientation.

First the bottom line. While I can't put an outside pitch in left field, I can drill it up the middle. Inside pitches regularly one-hop to the left field fence.

Now, it took more work than I thought. I had to make some postural adjustments and ingrain a more thorough load phase. My tactic was to start with my outside, lagged preference and work contact around to more perpendicular. Only once that was solid did I bring in the middle and inside work.

I can't say that I am a PFO hitter. I'm certainly not a power guy, but have found more power at 48 years than I've ever had. And I've become far more versatile particularly on the inside where I used to hit pop flys a lot. The neat part is that I can still lag the bat and poke a screamer to right when the situation needs it.

Thanks. You prodded me from my slumber and I'm the better for it.


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