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Re: Re: Re: Re: extension and bottom hand torque

Posted by: () on Mon Dec 18 09:48:44 2000

some questions for guys i respect:
> > > >
> > > > tom.guerry quote:
> > > > "the rotational baseball swing does not work well with wrist snap, it requires continuous application of torque from launch to contact."
> > > >
> > > > question 1.
> > > > what is the difference between wrist snap and the bottom hand torque that jack promotes?
> Lau Jr., Talks about what the top hand shouldn't do "AFTER" contact, and suggests what it does when aproaching contact. Read it again.
> Who is Paul Nyman anyway?
> Charley Lau Jr.

You could post this question at setpro and get a full answer from Paul.Among other things,Paul has developed over/under swing training methods/instruments that many major league players and clubs use.The Lau school has probably used one of his batspeed computers or a copy over the years.

As far as extension is concerned,the important thing is to get extension by allowing the bottom hand to stay in its arcing circular hanpath as the bat turns and follows through.What you want to avoid is extension as is prevalent in girl's/women's fastpitch where the dominant top hand pushes the hands out of the arc to get weak/premature extension.Swing thoughts about followthrough are often useful for the body to use in launching a swing with good sequencing of body parts.As Jack says,if part of this swing is cocking the wrist for later snap,the sequence is probably not going right.The bat is probably not turning/is dragging and ruining batspeed.


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