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Re: Re: BAT selection

Posted by: Matt (coachschirm@hotmail.com) on Sat Mar 26 22:09:09 2005


My opinion:

A bat swung at the same speed as a lighter bat will produce more distance, assuming contact is the same. You should pick out the heaaviest bat that you can control. You should be able to swing the bat with control and balance. If not, your bat is too heavy. Length is not as important as weight. I find that many young kids that I work with use bats that are longer than they need. I am constantly having them choke up on the bat. Here are some general guidelines for length:

Ages 8 and under - 28 or less
Ages 9-10 - 28-29 inches
Ages 11-12 - 29-30 inches
Ages 13-14 - 30-31 inches
Ages 15 and up 30-32 inches

Obviously these may differ depending on the size of the kid. I have seen 10 year olds that are fine with a 30 inch bat.

You also want to use the widest barrel that your league allows. More surface area will provide a better chance to hit the ball well.

I don't know what size bat Barry Bonds uses, but I do notice him choking up on his bat sometimes.

Hope my opinion helps.



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