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Re: Re: Senior League bat?

Posted by: Jon (jonwilliams@fuse.net) on Tue Mar 29 13:18:56 2005

> > My son is 13, 4'10", 85 pounds, on a 13 Prep Babe Ruth team. In Little League he used a DeMarini 30-20 and an Easton Connexion 30-19.5, and liked both. He is not a long ball hitter, but fast, with the highest on base average. I was going to purchase a 31-22 Easton Stealth BST11, but I am concerned it might be too much - should I go with the 30-21? I was also looking at the Vexxum Senior League 30 or 31, but prefer the BST11 because of the larger barrel (2 3/4 vs 2 5/8) and the greater drop (-9 vs -8.5). Opinions please as to BST11 vs Vexxum and best length/weight? (He did fine holding a 31-22 bat out palm down for 45 seconds.) I will also get a 30-25 wooden bat for practice. Thank you.
> i would try to get him to a minus 5 right away and skip that -8 drop.one more year and he has to swing a minus 3 in HS anyway ..if he using a wood bat for practice ..hes probably already swinging a minus 5.

I'm partial to the Demarini since in my experience they're more durable than the Eastons and Louisville Sluggers. Your son is pretty small for his age (only 85 pounds) and since you implied he's not a strong hitter, I doubt he can swing a -5 bat with much authority. My 11 yr. old is about 4'11" 120 pounds and he swings a Demarini Vexxum 30/21.5. His team occasionally plays LL teams where they have to use 2 1/4 inch barrels and so he also has a 30/19 Easton Stealth. The Stealth has minor denting but nothing serious. The Vexxum has hit hundreds of balls in the cage at 55mph and 65mph without a single dent or ding.

The wood bats, if they're truly 2 1/4 inch barrels, can really only get to -3 or -4 so if you get one for your son it'll be about a 30/26 or 30/27. Those are good to practice with but if he's playing in an advanced league he'd be better off using a -8.5 or perhaps sticking with his 2 1/4 bat until he's ready for the senior bat.

Best of luck.


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