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Re: Hands inside the ball?

Posted by: David (baseball4420007@gmail.com) on Fri May 30 10:04:19 2008

> I always hear people teaching batters drills to keep their hands inside the ball.
> What does hands inside the ball look like? What does that mean?

Hey Scott, My name is David. Ive been playing baseball all my life and currently playing in the minor league. I own a company called allaspectsbaseball.com and i'd like to help you with inside the ball thing.
"Keeping your hands inside the ball is another way of saying "keep a short -quick swing". You can see what staying inside the ball looks like by taking the knob (handle) of your bat and firing toward the pitcher. This way the barrel does not hook around, or go "outside" the baseball. When staying inside the ball, your hands should bee kept relativly close to your body. When our hands get away from our body is when we start getting outside the baseball. When I'm teaching this part of hitting to students, i like to use the phrase "Attack the inside part of the ball!" In other words, when hitting, literally try to make contact with part of the ball closest to you. Do not try to hit the ball straight on, or the outside part of the ball (part of the ball farthest from you). A good drill for staying inside the baseball is T- work. Take a tee and place it for the down the middle pitch or slightly inside pitch and hit everything at the second baseman if your a right handed hitter, and everything at the shortstop if your a left handed hitter. That should be a good start for you. If you have any questions feel to ask me at www.allaspectsbaseball.com. Thanks and good luck...David


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