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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: question about BATSPEED

Posted by: () on Wed Dec 20 19:01:44 2000

""""A player with strong hands, wrists and forearms will hit the ball farther than the person that is weaker with the same bat weight and bat speed.""""

Good post

I however, I think it's in definite conflict with those that believe batspeed at contact is the sole determinate of ball exit speed/velocity.

While I haven't come to "grips" with the reasons behind it--I too as GRC seems to feel--that there is a component at work other than just pure batspeed at contact.

If you had a "bat launcher" like a cannon that would fire a bat sideways at a ball in flight and it would reach the same speed as Mark McGuire, at the contact point--would the ball be hit as far?

I believe it would not.


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