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Chicken or the egg??

Posted by: Dave (nytino20@aol.com) on Sun Jun 1 16:30:13 2008

I am very curious how big league hitters seem to have such good mechanics. For instance Pete Rose in the all too familiar overhead shot of his swing and how his hands and shoulders turn as a unit together. How he demonstrates such perfect connection and circular hand path. How does he do this?? I'm sure the first time he ever picked up a baseball bat and swung it didn't look ANYTHING like that from overhead. Could it be that he demonstrates such good connection because of a more simple thing. Is it cause an effect??

Does perfect lower body mechanics contribute to perfect upper body mechanics (if you will). If you have proper hip rotation should you "automatically" have proper shoulder rotation and a circular hand path?? Or would it be the circular hand path and proper "upper body" mechanics that need to be taught to the hitter and the lower body mechanics will come naturally??

It just amazes me how these professional hitters have such perfect mechanics. It intrigues me how the DEVELOP these mechanics.


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