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Re: Re: Re: correction

Posted by: Coach13 (halour@netscape.net) on Sun Apr 10 15:21:51 2005

> >I know this is a hitting forum.But with i cant resist to ask a question that has been confusing me.I play baseball for a highschool team im 16 and i play center field..iv been playing for quite some time ,and my arm is priity strong .But when i throw short distance say 40-60 ft my arm is plenty powerful and accurit but when the distance gets larger i get out throwen by guys that have weeker arms then me ...i have a tendency to be unacurit and have to throw rainbows i also tend to throw like a windmiel( my arm not bent at all and i windmeil it over my head)...eny suggestions that might help?

It sounds like you are using only your arm streangth to throw the ball. The the balls first movement forward while in your hand must be generated by the rotation of your shoulders, and not the movement of your arm. A great drill to correct this is to use some surgical tubing, and rotate feeling the differance between using the streangth of your arm and the streangth of using the rotational forces generated by your hips and shoulders. Especially at initial movement.


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