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Re: Jack, is this true?

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sat Dec 30 11:40:33 2000

>>>hi. After reading your statement in Truisms and Fallacies: "Swing for the fences, ruin your mechanics" which states "...the average tension free swing of the hitter carries plenty of bat speed to clear the fence in most any direction. His main concern is timing and getting the plane of his swing in line with the ball," i was just wondering -- I am 14 years old, 5 foot 6 inches and not all that strong. I am a decent hitter using a 26 oz. bat, and play at major league sized field (330 to the corners, 430 to center) Are you saying that with rotational mechanics, my tension free swing can clear the fence there in any direction? Because quite frankly i don't believe its possible... Please write back and help me to better understand this statement.
Thank you and happy New Year, -- Joe C. <<<

Hi Joe

Your point is well taken. Younger and less physically strong hitters playing in major league size parks should not expect to carry the fences. But I do not think you should resign yourself to using mechanics that just “slap the ball to where they ain’t.” With the proper mechanics you should be able to develop bat speeds that will drive the ball through the infield or into the gaps. And many of the balls that are lifted will more than carry the outfielder’s head.

Joe, I would advise that you not set your sights to low. Strive to gain the most from your God given talents. Who knows, in the next two or three years that park may not seem quite so large.

Jack Mankin


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