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Re: Ted Williams and other great hitters

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Mon Jun 2 18:04:46 2008

> I've attached below a link, that someone was kind enough to provide some time ago. It illustrates Ted Williams and other great hitters.
> I've spent much time pouring over video, both real time and slow.
> But, what Williams professes in the clip I provided, as well as his Science of Hitting book, could have saved me a great deal of time and money!What really stands out to me the most, is that as much as there are similarities in all the hitters, there are differences as well, not just just in pre-launch style.
> Whats neat, is that you get real good close up's of grips. Not a knocking knuckle one in the bunch! Ted says;"firm grip." Some people say ;"loose grip." Conclusion, it's different for different people.
> Arguably, the best damm hitter of all time says;"it's not the grip that matters most but, quickness with the bat."
> He doesn't talk of firm front leg, top hand or, bottom hand torque.
> What he DOES emphasize over and over and over is;"THE HIPS LEAD THE WAY,WITH A SLIGHT UPSWING." He says;"the hands and arms provide direction for oncoming pitch."
> I could go on.
> But I ask all of you; WHY DO WE NOT HEAR NEARLY ANY OF THIS IN TODAYS TEACHINGS? Do we as little league coaches, bankers,car salesman, etc., have a better understanding of the swing than Ted Williams himself did?
> The link below, in my mind, is the finest piece of information on the planet.But, if anyone choses to look elsewhere and, buy tapes of barry bonds, tony gwynne and, cal ripken junior or, buy their hitting products, be my guest.
> http://wms17.streamhoster.com/firstpick/Science%20of%20hitting.wmv


You ask, WHY DO WE NOT HEAR NEARLY ANY OF THIS IN TODAYS TEACHINGS? IMO it's because in little league and other youth leagues they are using ultra light bats and they can swing them any way they want and have success.

Also, with all the video out there everyone can slow down the movements and break them down to see what is really happening. We hear MLB players saying that they are taking there hands to the ball but when we watch video we see that it appears that they are not taking there hands to the ball. So we say why teach hands to the ball, when they are not taking the hands to the ball. IMO they use ques and different training methods to get to the swing we see. If Bonds believes he is taking his hands to the ball there is a reason for it. In my own expeirence with my son I have video taped him a bunch and we went through different ways of teaching, but when I work on drills that are "hands to the ball" drills his swing resembles that of a MLB swing much better and he hits the ball much harder and more consistent.

I say listen to the pros they have a reason for what they do and say.

So when Ted says the hands and arms provide direction for the oncoming pitch. I believe him and listen.



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