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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ted Williams and other great hitters

Posted by: Brian () on Thu Jun 5 18:59:52 2008

> It really amazes me that people cant't refer to a factual statement or, just plain old facts.
> Instead, they make up ficticious scenarios just to make their point.
> I NEVER said;"don't delve into physics." What I DID say, is that it becomes over kill, as well as counter productive.Lets take the whole top hand torque theory. Jack responded to someone last evening regarding Manny Ramirez. To answer the question, Jack,made it clear to the poster that it was Mannys top hand torque that illustrated why he was able to hit the ball away, the way he did.
> Aside from the fact, that I think trying to convince people over the course of YEARS that top hand torque exists, is futile at best.
> How in GODS name, does Jack,Bill, Bob or, any other HUMAN being, know what Manny is doing with his top hand?!!
> You know what bugs me the most?
> The fact that obviously, no one else has the time, effort, nor laboratory equipment, to refute anything Jack says so, everyone justs nods their head; Yes Jack, yes Jack, another brilliant point Jack!
> Anyone ever hear of the expression;"GOD only knows?"
> THAT'S who knows what Manny is doing with his top hand!!
> And as far as you saying that in years past, players had to be born
> to hit. Ted Williams quotes Rogers Hornsby in his book;great hitters are made" through much practice.
> What a bunch of tired nonsense...

John, great hitters are not made by practicing wrong mechanics, they are made by practicing correct mechanics ... Jack's entire study was to identify and define the correct mechanics. If you don't believe it, so what. If you believe "see the ball, hit the ball," good for you. That is not the purpose of this site.

So we will keep the discussions of batting mechanics above the sophomoric level, and if you think it's overkill or not to your liking, there are other places to rant.

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