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Re: Mechanic that determines maximized batspeed

Posted by: THG () on Sun Jun 8 20:04:31 2008

> What is the mechanic that measures how far you will hit the ball? For example, Albert Pujols and Sammy Sosa, two probably equally strong/athletic and equally great rotational hitters. Pujols in a Home Run Derby hits the ball at a max of 490 or so feet. Sosa hits the ball at a max of 560 feet. Corked bats do not create extra distance according to Mythbusters, so what's Sosa doing that Pujols isn't, or what is Sosa doing better? I remember Sosa hit a ball at the Home Run Derby in Milwaukee that traveled 563 feet I think and hit the slide. Just like a pitcher who has better timing in his mechanics may throw 5 mph harder than a guy who looks like he has the same mechanics, something must be the ultimate deciding factor for batspeed.

Swing Student. It is likely through the application of genes, weightlifting, or performance enhancing measures Sosa is physically stronger. Also, Sosa has better batspeed. Pujols was timed at about 86 miles per hour during a test study. Sosa is in the upper 90's. In addition, Pujols has more of a balanced swing, Sosa more of an uppercut.


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