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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Cause an effect of the swing

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Mon Jun 9 23:22:00 2008

(Teacherman statements)

“I suggest you remove the word 'connection' from your hitting vocabulary. Only amateurs who deliver the energy to the barrel through shoulder rotation worry about connection. Of course, they HAVE to worry about it because delivering the energy through shoulder rotation is full of slop.”

“The forearms......from an armpit handset.
"Maintaining the box" is a major cause of bat drag.”

“Shoulder rotation is a slow moving vehicle when it comes to adjustability and swing plane. WAY too slow for the task at hand.
The axis of the barrel's rotation MUST be the hands.
IF it is the spine.....I would love to pitch to you.”

Hi All

This is an open board where different theories of the baseball swing can be presented. However, I would caution you that the above views presented by Teacherman are invalid and if followed could limit your hitting potential. It is the rotation of the shoulders that bio-mechanically transfers the energy generated from the large muscles of the legs and torso through the arms to the bat.

This is a bio-mechanical fact that Teacherman either does not understand or chooses to disregard. He has stated on this site that the energy generated from the rotation of the hips “bypasses” the shoulders and goes directly to the forearms. I would strongly suggest that before placing any value on Teacherman’s statements, you first have him produce a mechanical or physic principle that can explain how energy from hip rotation can somehow jump from the hips to the forearms without being transferred upward through the rotation of the torso and shoulders.

Note: Teacherman, I will only accept your posts that addresses accepted mechanical or physic principles to supports your claims. I realize this will be difficult because I am certain there are none.

Jack Mankin


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