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Re: Re: Slumping and NEED HELP

Posted by: Scott (stwinton@netzero.net) on Fri Apr 22 10:01:17 2005

> Swing at only dead-red fastballs, right down the middle, KNOWING that EVERY pitch is going to be right down the middle. Nothing else. No off-speed at all. Got it? Please let me know how you do.

A 3 hitter that hit over .500 as a 10th grader (that has proven he can hit a FB… I don’t think its possible in any league to hit over .500 without having the ability to hit the FB) if I’m coaching will not get a FB down the middle...where did you hit in the lineup last year...? There’s a big difference in hitting 3-4-5 and hitting 7-8-9 in the lineup. Why aren’t you hitting...going 2-13 with 8 linouts is not a problem...2-13 with 8 rollover GB’s to the 3rd baseman when your swinging at breaking ball away when your looking FB in could be a problem...look for what your likely to see as oppose to what you want to hit.

How often as a 3-4-5 hitter do you get dead red FB thigh high on the inner half in an 0-0 count…?


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