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Re: Re: Re: pitch count for 15 yr old

Posted by: Scott (stwinton@netzero.net) on Fri Apr 22 11:13:17 2005

> Hi, my son is 15 yrs old on the varsity team at a small Christian high school in Illinois. He has been playing on Travel teams the past 4 years and has pitch very well against some top teams in the state. His high school coach is a firm believer in arm strengthing and has been working him very hard(no Problems with that) He has had 6 starts this spring already, with pitch counts of 85,91,74,89,112,115. Is this to much for a 15 year old?. Should I watch how he feels regarding tiredness or sorness? I really feel he has a future after High School. Please respond when you can.
> Thanks,
> Rick Palmer

...pitch count IMO is WAY overrated! How does he feel after a 115 outing...soreness in gerneral is fine, ice, get out and run for 20 minutes the next day, and throw light...sorness in the wrong spots should raise some concern...sharp pain anywhere, elbow, deep shoulder pain are not good...


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