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Swinging under the ball

Posted by: Bruce Desselle (Badtbs@aol.com) on Tue Jun 10 20:35:25 2008

During my son's first year in highschool, the coaches converted him into a switch hitter. He is a natural right handed hitter. Midway his soph. season, they decided to make him finish the year batting right handed. The reasoning was he didn't have the power he had from the right side. Since his return to batting right handed, the boy doesn't hit on the field, in the cage or against pitching machines. He consistently swings under the ball resulting in pop ups straight up or back or completely missing the ball. The majority of the time his bat meets the ball in front of the plate on a variey of pitches so his timing is still good. What are some swing flaws I can look for to address this issue. When he turns around and swings lefty at practice his percentage of contacts is very high.


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